Tug Of War

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Our approach to crafting the project involved

  • Collaborative brainstorming to understand client objectives and audience expectations.
  • Creation of three distinct mockups to explore various design directions.
  • Custom WordPress development to bring the chosen design to fruition.
  • Iterative refinement based on client feedback to ensure alignment with project goals.

Summary of What We Did

BrightSite Agency spearheaded the redesign and development of the “Tug Of War” website, incorporating graphic design, web development, and website design services to create a cohesive and immersive digital platform that amplifies the film’s narrative, as well as featuring meticulously crafted website redesigns and SEO optimizations, engaging audiences effectively.

Evidence of Success

The success of the project is evident in the tangible outcomes:

  • Increased website engagement metrics
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Enhanced social media interactions
  • Conducted audience research for tailored design and content, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Employed responsive design for seamless accessibility across devices.
  • Implemented SEO practices to boost visibility and organic traffic.
  • Maintained close collaboration with Justice in Aging for iterative improvements.

Technologies and Tools

In our pursuit of excellence, we employed a sophisticated array of technologies and tools to craft a seamless digital experience for “Tug Of War.” Leveraging the robust capabilities of WordPress, we embarked on custom website development, ensuring a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of the project. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD served as our creative sanctuaries, where we meticulously designed every aspect of the website, from graphics to user interfaces, with precision and artistry.

To streamline our collaborative efforts and maintain efficient workflow coordination, we relied on cutting-edge project management tools, fostering seamless communication and synergy among team members. Through the strategic integration of these technologies and tools, we brought the vision of “Tug Of War” to life, elevating its digital presence to new heights of engagement and impact.


BrightSite did a great job, they are very patient even though my project took a lot longer than expected and made sure I was happy with the final product, will defiantly be using them again in the future!

Boona Mohammad

Spoken-Word Poet and Writer

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