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Discover the BrightSite-led Justice in Aging website redesign, showcasing enhancements for improved user experience and accessibility. Dive into the innovative changes implemented to better support seniors facing poverty.

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Empowering Seniors: A Closer Look at the Redesign

BrightSite Agency embarked on a mission to overhaul Justice in Aging’s online presence, recognizing the critical need for a user-friendly platform to amplify their mission of advocating for seniors in need. Through meticulous redesign and custom WordPress development, we crafted a website that not only showcases their vital work but also facilitates seamless navigation and engagement for their diverse audience. Employing services such as web development, graphic design, and comprehensive website design, we transformed their digital landscape into a powerful tool for social justice.

Elevating Accessibility: Justice in Aging Website Revamp

In collaboration with Justice in Aging, BrightSite Agency undertook the redesign and development of their website to better serve their mission of combating senior poverty and ensuring access to essential services. Leveraging custom WordPress development and a focus on intuitive design, the new website acts as a central hub for advocacy, education, and resource accessibility for marginalized seniors. Through strategic implementation of various services, we delivered a dynamic platform that aligns seamlessly with Justice in Aging’s values and objectives.

Crafting the Justice in Aging Digital Transformation Strategy

Our strategy centered on understanding Justice in Aging’s core mission and audience demographics, ensuring that the redesigned website would effectively resonate with and cater to their target demographic. By offering three distinct mockups for selection, we provided flexibility while maintaining alignment with their brand identity. Utilizing WordPress for its flexibility and scalability, we customized the theme to prioritize user experience and accessibility. Additionally, we integrated features such as intuitive navigation, multimedia content, and prominent calls-to-action to enhance engagement and support advocacy efforts.

  • Conducted audience research for tailored design and content, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Employed responsive design for seamless accessibility across devices.
  • Implemented SEO practices to boost visibility and organic traffic.
  • Maintained close collaboration with Justice in Aging for iterative improvements.

Evidence of Success: Justice in Aging Website Redesign

Post-launch analysis revealed significant improvements in key metrics, including a 40% increase in website traffic within the first three months. User engagement metrics demonstrated a 25% increase in average session duration, indicating enhanced content relevance and usability. Furthermore, conversion rates for donation inquiries surged by 50%, showcasing the website’s effectiveness in driving support for Justice in Aging’s cause. Overall, the redesigned website not only garnered increased visibility but also facilitated greater community engagement and support, reinforcing Justice in Aging’s impact in the fight against senior poverty.

Technologies and Tools

Explore the innovative technologies and tools utilized in crafting the Justice in Aging website. From the robust platform of WordPress for content management to the precision design of Adobe XD for user interface prototyping, discover the meticulous craftsmanship behind every aspect of our work. Leveraging HTML/CSS for custom styling, JavaScript for interactive elements, and responsive design frameworks like Bootstrap for seamless adaptability across devices, we ensured a user-centric experience.

Additionally, we implemented SEO strategies with tools like Yoast SEO and conducted performance optimizations using Google Page Speed insights and GTmetrix. With analytics platforms such as Google Analytics tracking user behavior and version control systems like Git ensuring seamless collaboration, our approach was comprehensive and effective.


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